Automotive Dealer Marketing Concepts

since 1998

Marketing Services

Automotive Visions offers a sophisticated array of marketing concepts to our clientele base. Our research and development team have been leaders in the industry since 1998 and are pioneers in Automotive Dealer specific advertising concepts:

  • Comprehensive demographics analysis to gain market share

  • Direct mail campaigns in any capacity with state of the art demographics filter both print and digital

  • Live in-bound call centers

  • Off-site sale turn key packages

  • Radio and television campaigns

Lender Liquidation Division

Our Lender Liquidation team is poised to help lenders offset losses by going dealer direct with inventory taken back after repossession – the 2023  market conditions being ripe for record automotive repossessions. Automotive Visions has built years of relationships with dealerships nationwide since 1998 who are part of our immediate network and are just a phone call away to help these lenders liquidate.

Why choose our staffed and coach events?

Automotive Visions produces 65% more results than a typical in-store, staffed event.
There are 60% more units sold when you choose to go with Automotive Visions.
Automotive Visions produces a 70% increase in PVR gross profit


Consulting companies can charge astronomical fees and there are very few companies in the United States that offer this type of service as automotive dealer specific. Automotive Visions has streamlined our consulting division to bring streamlined, cost effective and tailored services to your dealership’s salesforce.

Sales and Management Training

  • 2 to 3 day Boot Camps

  • Offsite sales conferences

  • 1 on 1 manager training

  • Increasing profit for the F and I

  • Outbound cold calling

  • Customer service and rapport building

  • Selling to the smart-phone customer


We believe that on-the- job training is ideal and Automotive Visions has the business model set in place to bring experienced manpower to the table to successfully recruit and train new hires.  We take pride in helping outgoing people actualize their dreams in becoming successful automotive salespeople.

Our wealth of industry knowledge has given the Automotive Visions team the exact tools to share with your business.  We can customize our services to any scale of recruitment you need.

Dealer Public Relations and Community Outreach

  • Mission statement creation, design and display

  • Chamber of Commerce assignments

  • Yelp and Google Review overhaul

  • Commercial Business Partnerships

  • Charity Partnerships